What an amazing display of humanity today. Peaceful and respectful demonstration, as our Constitution protects. Thank you, my sisters, brothers, and others for restoring my faith in humanity. May we all continue to work against injustice and protect each other.

I wish I’d gotten out and taken some photos myself, but I wasn’t feeling well this morning. I’d like to say I was there in spirit. I have been watching my friends post photos on Facebook today from all over the country. I know of two friends who traveled to DC to be there in the main event. I’ve been seeing the expected turnout numbers become larger in reality all across the country. The last estimate I saw for Tucson, was 15,000, on a day that was rainy, cold, and windy.

Photos from the New York Times are from around the US and the world. 

Some of my favorites that I’ve seen today:

From Tucson, AZ:




From El Paso, Texas:


My friend and former co-worker Amanda Simpson (far right) was raised on a placard in Paris today, in pretty good company.


Others are making light of today’s events as merely the whining of sore losers. That trivializes the sheer numbers that came out. While there may have been some who felt that way in each crowd, there are many more people who believe in equality, diversity, and freedom who are concerned. That’s where the numbers come from.

Today should signal that we all need more discussion and understanding. Here’s a good article – the other side is not dumb.

I said it at the beginning: May we all continue to work against injustice and protect each other. Why?

Because the future deserves it.

2 thoughts on “A March Seen Around the World

  1. I marched Saturday. Here are some of the reasons why.
    Additionally, let me be very, very clear that this was not about men bashing. There were a whole lot of men (my husband and son included) marching right along with me and my daughters.
    Let me also point out that I am not whiny or thin skinned. I am not unemployed or looking for handouts. I am well aware of how fortunate I am in many, many respects.
    I am educated. I am aware. I care about the issues at stake. I marched in solidarity for those (yes, even in this country) lacking very fundamental rights. I marched to let this new (and to me very scary) administration know that we are watching. I truly, truly hope that my fears about this new administration are unfounded. I hope that I am proven wrong. But still I want to send the message, standing together, that we are watching and we will not let our rights slip away quietly. And if I am proven wrong and in four years we are in great shape I will be very happy. But if the issues and platforms the campaign was run on come to pass and we wake up in a very ugly world I want to be able to say I did something. I stood up. I spoke out.
    Thank you, Julia, for sharing this. I am passing it on.
    “To those who are confused or surprised about why millions of people showed up to protest on Saturday, January 21, 2017
    “Women are marching because our children deserve a secretary of education that cares about education.
    “Women are marching because our family and friends deserve healthcare. Did you know that before the ACA, newborns in the NICU would hit their lifetime caps on health insurance coverage. That’s right, babies who had never felt the sun on their skin could no longer get health insurance.
    “Women are marching because domestic violence crisis centers and after school programs deserve funding.
    “Women are marching because we deserve clean air, clean water, and national parks.
    “Women are marching because we believe the children protected by the DREAM act deserve to be here and they deserve to live with their parents, not in orphanages and foster homes.
    “And most of all, women are marching because we have the right to. The right to protest and speak out against our government is the first amendment. That’s right, #1! It is one of our most fundamental American rights.
    “Saying that we’re whining, throwing temper tantrums, or that we’re immature, or that we need to get over it will not stop us. It will not stop us from fighting for you. And we are fighting for you because you deserve these rights too.
    “We’re not marching because Trump won.
    “We’re marching because he wants to take all of the things that we hold dear away. All of the things that we’ve been fighting for for generations.
    “And we’re not giving up easily.
    “Anyone who thinks we’re marching because we lost just simply isn’t listening. We’re fighting because we refuse to lose more.”


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