The Catholic Hierarchy and the Lost Trans Sheep

I have been swamped with my job for the last several weeks. While I was out on a work trip, I received a text from my friend Sister Luisa, exhorting me to read my email and respond as quickly as I could. I was in the middle of things, and filed it away to do…Read more The Catholic Hierarchy and the Lost Trans Sheep

Why Parents of Trans Kids Are A Special Kind of Tired

Parents of trans children amaze me on a regular basis. They don’t think they are doing anything special, they are only doing what any parent who loves their child and wants to see them happy and successful would do.
However, previous generations of trans people did not have this kind of love and support at home. Often, our parents were our first or worst enemies. Even now, near half of homeless kids are LGBT – homeless because parents have discarded them.
These parents are blazing a trail that is going to make a difference.

Vanessa Nichols

Yes. All parents walking the earth are tired.

We are all absolutely in solidarity with that fact.

We could all use about a week on a deserted island without any children, technology, or responsibilities of any kind.

But I feel the need to tell you about the special kind of tired that parents of transgender kids are experiencing.

It’s different than most versions of tired.

And this isn’t to “one-up”. And this certainly isn’t to take away from an LGBTQIA child themselves, their own struggles and hardships. This isn’t to take away from, or distract from… anyone.

This isn’t a competition.

This is just to simply explain and shed light on how we’re feeling, since it’s of my belief that we, the parents of trans youth, are living in our own marginalized community.

Unless we happen to live in some uber progressive area, we are all acutely aware of…

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The times, they are a’changing…or…the more things change, the more they stay the same

I've heard people say that Obama did more to increase racism issues in eight years than any of his predecessors. The only thing he did was get elected to office twice. The simmering undercurrent of race issues in the US has been here all along. Over the last couple of weeks, the rock has been…Read more The times, they are a’changing…or…the more things change, the more they stay the same