Non Binary

I have to admit, I am challenged by the non binary as well – I’ve always identified as binary. I’m trans and binary. I’ve never doubted I’m male. When I was growing up, I ‘passed’ as male more often than not, but I was androgynous. I hated being stuck in that mode. (Of course, non binary wasn’t even a consideration then, and the only trans were transsexuals. You had to have surgery first). I didn’t like living in between. My integrity as a person, what makes me feel whole, also lines up with being male. However, that doesn’t mean that I embrace all of the stereotypes that go with being male; I’m just me – but I do like that he/his set of identifiers.

I’ve collected tweets from non binary folk and shared them below. They say so much more than I can. The last panel asks how to be a better ally to NB folks. So much comes back to the two things I always say as a take-away when I’ve presented on trans issues : Never Assume and Don’t be Afraid to Ask Respectful Questions.

The above Tweet has a video, please click the link to view.

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