Random thoughts

I have to do random thoughts tonight.

The class I’m taking this semester is Digital Cultures.

Who the &*$* knew that before the semester was over, we’d all be living in a digital culture? Where our computers and our smartphones are the only things keeping us all connected?

It’s surreal. A few years ago, I took Information Quality – just after Trump was elected and all of the evidence of Russian meddling on social media came out. Our information wasn’t only biased, it was manipulated.

The COVID-19 cases climbed over 11,000 today alone for a total of 46k+ cases and rising. I’ve had a small sore throat. I’m convincing myself it’s allergies.

I was going back and forth with my cousin’s husband all day today. He thinks Trump can do no wrong; and I can’t see him doing much of anything that’s right. I was even more upset tonight when I learned that an Arizona man died and his wife was critical after they took a chemical that Trump had been praising as “tremendous promise” and a “game changer” for COVID-19. Yes, they’re older adults and responsible for their own decisions, but, Trump is culpable for the idea and for promoting it when everyone is so afraid. The couple were both in their 60s.

I went to check Twitter to see what I could blog about, and “Logan’s Run” is trending. Why? Because a Republican said that seniors should be willing to take the risk of sacrificing their lives in this pandemic for the sake of the economy.


I just can’t anymore tonight.

These choices shouldn’t even be on the table. Looking at the data, I’m afraid it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

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