link to tweet

There are lots of things floating about on Twitter. The one above hurt my heart. There is a link to the tweet just below it. There is a lot of conversation that has happened between people because of this one tweet.

What’s common is that every trans person can viscerally feel this loss. It’s happened to all of us. It used to be worse, back before I transitioned the standard practice was to pack up, leave everyone and everything you knew behind and completely start your life over somewhere else. This was even encouraged by the professionals; a transsexual couldn’t possibly STAY in the same community. Even with more visibility, more of us being able to transition on our jobs, in our communities, more of us being able to keep our families and friends…we always loose.

It’s such a painful loss too; just as we are finally becoming ourselves and really feeling that strength of inner integrity we are rejected for exactly that, in places we thought were safe.

I don’t know a single trans person who hasn’t lost over being trans, somehow, somewhere, someone.

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