A Hidden Culture

Tonight the Twitter is all a-twitter over the Democratic debate. I’m contemplating my school blog entry for this evening. The debate doesn’t keep with my theme, for this semester, of discussing transgender digital culture.  I’m going to quietly mention something else that I know of, but will not link to.

The internet has certainly enabled trans people to connect like never before. In my personal experiences, the added connectivity enabled a high school classmate to contact me about her transition; another high school classmate to contact me about her trans son; my former college professor to contact me about her trans daughter. Others knew who I am, and in their moments of desperation for information and hope, they were able to find me.

Another level of networking has been life-saving in the web 2.0 world – parental networks. I know they exist for multiple issues that parents find themselves struggling with, everything from the child that won’t sleep to the ones that have very special needs. The networks that have grown up around and for parents of trans children are amazing in their own ways.

As a Scout Leader, I’ve quipped about not messing with the Mama Bears. I’ll tell you right now, do not mess with the Mama and Papa Bears of trans children. Many of them have had to overcome their own biases and prejudices as they lived into the reality of the lives their children brought into the world. Once they realized what their children are up against, especially the horrific suicide rates for the children and adults who do not find support, they have become some of the strongest supporters and warriors for their children. The internet has enabled quiet networking for tentative parents to meet others who have already walked the path of becoming their child’s fiercest advocate instead of their first bully.

One of the strongest voices on Twitter that I’ve seen is: https://twitter.com/MavenOfMayhem.

She has a transgender wife, trans and cis gender kids. She is ferocious with her love for all of them.

Isn’t that what we all want? Someone who loves us that strongly and isn’t afraid to tell the world how much they love us, all of us, exactly as we are?



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