One of the things that I’m a bit in awe of are the folks on Twitter who continually advocate for trans lives. Often, it’s trans people themselves, but there are allies as well.

I saw this tweet today – and it struck me. Toni makes a great point here of showing, in a few phrases, just how our lives and experience, our very expression of our deepest innermost selves, is routinely and utterly denied by others who would rather we don’t exist. We challenge their worldview entirely too much.


Just today, I also read an article that the Church of Latter Day Saints has issued further edicts on LGBT people – while they’ve backed off on some of the rulings they made about gay people before; such as they’ll baptize the children of same-sex couples now – trans people were “to be welcomed”, but gender was “fixed and immutable for all eternity at birth.”


I’m so tired of people who have never even encountered one of us deciding how to tell us to walk in our own shoes.

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