After this semester, I’ll be halfway through my Master’s degree program.

That’s not saying much, as I’m taking one class at a time – so I’ve already been at this for three school years…three to go. But, I’m not in a rush.

I am exhausted this semester already, though, and I have to admit part of it is the structure of the current class. It feels like there are a zillion things to do, click, read, watch, post, and create every week. Making it worse, the deadlines are Friday nights. UGH. I’ve grown out of procrastination and become a rather efficient time manager – one would think you’d get there by the time you’re pushing 50 – but this Friday night deadline is a killer when every other class had Sunday deadlines. I mean, really, has this Prof never had a job outside of academia? It sucks having to adult Monday through Friday – and tough to get time to work on much of anything. I think the only reason I’m surviving is because I have every other Friday off from work (longer work schedule during the weeks, which also doesn’t help.) I spent all day today on school, short a few hours for Scout Shabbat, and then posting a paper an hour before the deadline. Now it’s wine-time.

Ok, blogosphere, thanks for letting me vent.

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