In the spring semester of 2018, my Master’s Degree class was Young Adults in the Library. For one of my projects, I assembled a reading list of Young Adult books that were both LGBTQ in nature as well as diverse and created the below graphic for them. I read each of these books before recommending them as part of the class project. One of the things I loved about this particular project is that LGBTQ literature didn’t exist when I still fit the chronological profile of a young adult. I am amazed and pleased with the number of books that now exist – and are still coming out – with characters that I can see myself in. When I was young, before the internet, I felt very alone and isolated in the world and didn’t think anyone else was like me. I was wrong, and there are books coming out that cover many perspectives.

Each book has a small snippet review with it. I know many people are thinking about increasing their reading in 2019 as a goal, perhaps some of these can make your reading list!



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