Quo Veritas? 

We are living in a time and space where most things feel surreal. Life goes on, but the larger conversations and politics have an unreal glow about them. 

Now the trend is to shout “Fake News” at any article or allegation that one disagrees with. Thank you, insincerely, Mr. President. A generation ago, I had to work with kids who were convinced a blow job wasn’t sex. Now the nature of truth is in question again. 

Or is it? Perhaps it always has been. 

Jesus Christ asked Pilate directly, in his own language, “Quo Veritas?” (What is Truth?)  By asking that question, Jesus compelled Pilate to make up his own mind, to decide for himself what truth is. Pilate washed his hands instead of asking more questions, doing more investigation, and allowed the feeling of the mob to determine Jesus’ fate… And what the truth was in that moment. 

That is only one example that has a loaded set of connotations connected with it. The question remains: what is truth? 

Is truth based on the perception (the eye) of the beholder? Is truth based on a published text? Is it what the media reports? Is it majority rule? Is it determined in isolation or in a collective? 

Can truth ever be ascertained in the absence of love? 

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